How to use Twitter ads effectively

The recent Twitter Masterclass (YouTube) raised a question about creating and using Twitter adverts.

Twitter Adverts can be used for a variety of reasons

Twitter Adverts can be used for a variety of reasons

Here’s what we’d suggest:

Grow followers

You can use Twitter ads to grow followers, by promoting your brand, and giving your audience a reason to follow you.

You could encourage people to follow you for news, tips, offers, for information or response to a live event, and much more.

Drive traffic to your website

Creating a website card provides you with plenty of scope to create engaging adverts.

Including images, good copy, your website URL, and a strong call to action will help to drive traffic to your website.

Increase tweet engagements

Using Promoted tweets can help you to reach a more targeted audience.

Promoted tweets look like regular tweets, and can be replied to and favourited, but are labelled as Promoted.

Encourage app installs

By targeting the right sort of people who you think will find your app useful, you can use Twitter ads to increase the number of downloads for you app.

Using the App Install Card you can direct people to the appropriate app store so they can quickly download and use your app.Find leads

You can use Twitter adverts for data capture too. Once you have the email addresses of your potential customers you can nurture them via targeted email campaigns./p>


Twitter adverts can prove more cost effective, generate better results, and be better targeted than traditional online advertising.

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