How to reach you target audience effectively

The recent Twitter Masterclass (YouTube) raised a question about reaching the right target audience.

Twitter can make reaching your target audience easier

Twitter can help make reaching your target audience easier

Here’s what we’d suggest.


You’ll need to identify and determine what you want to achieve from Twitter. If you want to grow you followers, you’ll have a different strategy than if you want to increase app installs.

Once you’ve established your objective, you’ll know more about your target audience and how best to reach them.


You can use the Twitter lists you have created, to find people who are likely to be interested in what you have to say, your products or services, or your opinions.


You can use your Twitter ads to find and reach your target audience, and give them your message.


You can use news, current events, trends, seasonality, sporting events, and much more to help you find and reach your target audience.


Looking at what your followers are doing and saying can help you reach them better, and provide content that they will be interested in.


Thinking about what’s going on in your industry or sector will help you reach your target audience better too.

If you know more about what’s going on, and can ensure that your target audience are well-informed and have the information they need, they are likely to trust you and value your opinion, products and knowledge.


Keeping an eye on trends will help you see what people are talking about.

Looking at the Trending Topics on Twitter, or following hashtags can tell how how and when products or services may be of use.


Twitter is a great way to reach potential customers, and you’ll want to identify and engage with them so that they see your content.

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