How to use positive tweets effectively

The recent Twitter Masterclass (YouTube) raised a question about turning positive tweets/user feedback into testimonials or case studies.

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How can you make the most of positive tweets?

Here’s what we’d suggest:


By retweeting the positive feedback, your followers will be able to see what was said to you.


By favouriting the tweet, you can alert the person posting that you have read it and appreciate it.

Direct message

By sending a direct message saying thanks and that you appreciate the positive feedback, you can build up a relationship.

Pin the tweet

By pinning the tweet, people looking at your profile will see this tweet first, and get a positive impression of your company, products or services.

Screenshot the tweet and post it

By taking a screenshot of the tweet, you can post it elsewhere on social media, or use it as an image for blog posts, or other company branded literature or documentation.

Link to / embed individual tweets

By linking to, or embedding the individual tweet on your website, you can showcase positive comments you have received.


By thinking of positive tweets as testimonials, you’ll be able to find many ways to display them on your website, such as on your Cases Studies or Testimonials page, or your Contact Us pages.


It’s important that you showcase your positive reviews, feedback and testimonials on Twitter, and on your website, so that potential customers know what it’s like to work with you.

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