Facebook Masterclass – 30/07/2015

You already know that there are over 1.44 billion monthly active users on Facebook, and you definitely already know that your business can’t afford to miss out on them. So here’s the question you really need an answer to, how does your business reach them?

In the first part of four social media masterclasses, we’ll be hosting our Facebook Masterclass. We know from our own experience that events like this may claim to teach you everything there is to know about Facebook, but very few actually teach you anything of importance.

Our social media masterclasses have been devised to give businesses real, easy to follow and incisive tuition into how the likes of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest can actually work for your business.

Is this event for you? Well, if you run your business it definitely is.
Why should you attend? This is one of the only events that you’ll attend this year that will actually benefit your company.

How can we say that so confidently? Our event will be hosted by two marketing experts who both have a large amount of experience within the sector. Both have worked at companies of various levels and are pro-actively improving businesses on social media on a day-to-day basis.

Where is it? This event will be hosted at Results Through Digital, the home of one of the UK’s leading app developers, Appitized and experts in web marketing solutions, EMS Internet.

Registration is from 8.15am with tea, coffee and networking, presentations starts at 8.45am, followed by discussion and a tour of RTD’s Warrington office.

Mike James

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